Organisational Wellbeing

At an organisational level

Collaborating with you to understand the needs and challenges of your organisation before drawing upon psychological principles to develop and deliver sustainable interventions that result in a thriving and productive workforce, with compassionate and connected leaders. Supporting management of change processes and helping businesses maintain optimum staff functioning throughout.

Facilitating reflective practice if indicated, to provide a structure for ongoing support and maintenance of staff wellbeing.

At an individual level

Executive coaching can help teams and individuals to overcome barriers to workplace wellbeing, achieve goals, and boost performance. Coaching using Cognitive Analytic principles can help you understand situations and systems more clearly, and enable you to take steps in order that you can manage work more effectively. Barriers to a valued work life may include procrastination, trying to navigate difficult relational dynamics, perfectionism and ‘imposter syndrome’, to name but a few.

More broadly, coaching can help you consider how to manage overwhelm, and guide you through career related decisions.